After your visit

mijnkar buiten de ingang

Are you curious about what you can do in Valkenburg after your visit to the coal mine? We have listed a number of popular destinations for you.

Amusement Park Kabelbaan Valkenburg

At Amusement Park Kabelbaan Valkenburg you can go up with the cable car, while enjoying the view over Valkenburg. This cable car takes you to the Wilhelminatoren with various attractions such as zip lines, a toboggan run or tubing.


If you prefer to re-enter the caves of Valkenburg, you can do that here too. Go laser tag with your group in the underground tunnel system or jump on the nets of their Bounce Adventure.

Fairytale Forest

Discover the unique fairytale forest of Valkenburg in a playful way. It is a theme park for children where they see fairy tales come to life. Meet Little Red Riding Hood and Little Thumb or shoot a bow and arrow with Robin Hood.

Food and Drinks

If you walk down the street from Steenkolenmijn Valkenburg, you will soon come across restaurants and cafes. In the Grotestraat or on the Theo Dorrenplein you will always find a nice place to have lunch or an extensive dinner.

And more

Curious about more activities in Valkenburg? Visit the website of Wij zijn Valkenburg.

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