Things to do in Valkenburg

Valkenburg is a popular destination for tourists looking for a rustic and cozy place in Limburg.
There is plenty to do, so we have prepared a number of highlights of Valkenburg for you.
valkenburg aan de geul

What can you do?

We have a number of recommendations for you for each topic.

Food and drinks

For a cozy restaurant, cafe or lunchroom you should definitely walk through the Grotestraat in the center of Valkenburg. Eat a delicious ice cream at Botterweck or take a seat at Theodoor Dorrenplein along the Geul.
Grotestraat in het centrum van valkenburg met restaurants


Valkenburg is not necessarily a city to go to for shopping, but there are a number of nice boutiques in the center. There are also souvenir shops here and there and of course you will also find the regular supermarkets such as Albert Heijn and Jan Linders.

Art and culture

For a lovely walk through a luxurious location, you can visit Château St. Gerlach, just outside Valkenburg, for free. Walk along the Geul and absorb the rich culture of the area.

A day out

For a fun day out in Valkenburg you can visit Amusement Park Kabelbaan Valkenburg, the Fairytale Forest or drop by the Steenkolenmijn for an underground adventure.

Steenkolenmijn Valkenburg

Visit the coal mine to go on an adventure in the underground tunnel system of Valkenburg. Relive the mysterious life of the miners of Limburg.
steenkolen winning limburg

Explore more fun

Curious about more activities in Valkenburg? Visit the website of Wij zijn Valkenburg.

Go on an adventure

For an exciting and interesting day out you are very welcome at Steenkolenmijn Valkenburg.